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Big Impact From Small Landscape Design Projects

Uploaded on: May 13, 2013

A small space can have big opportunities for landscape design and add value, function and enjoyment to your property.

Pathways along properties are a great example of a small space that has lots of potential. While a path along a home or property line may not have a large horizontal surface it also has a large vertical surface to make use of. Florida's climate allows us to use a variety of vines that will cling to vertical surfaces and can provide a stunning backdrop. If the area is under full sun at least 6 hrs per day bougainvillea can be grown and cropped to create a path lined with colorful magenta blooms. Varieties of Jasmine can be planted to provide both a visual feast and a treat for the sense with amazing fragrant blooms and dark thick foliage. Many small to medium sized palm trees are perfect for lining paths or for use in other small spaces. Our professional designers can create an the illusion more space by curving the path or having it wind around other focal points like, bird baths, park benches, large planters or decorative vases.

Potted gardens are another great way to add color and life for even the smallest space like a condo patio. They also give the homeowner a nice garden to have when home owners association restrictions limit the available options. Many of our clients on Longboat Key already know how much a small potted garden can do for an otherwise spartan space like lining a driveway or porch of a compact villa home. Potted gardens can take full advantage of the conditions on our property by planting suitable plants for your full-sun, full-shade or hot and dry spaces with the amazing variety of plants that can thrive in our warm climate. Everything from cacti and succulents to shade loving lush tropical broad leaf plants can be used with potted gardens.

Large trees, depressions in the ground and even the corners of buildings all provide great places for big impact with a small project. An island can be created by adding a planting around any large trees. The tree provides the anchor and shadier conditions to plant a larger variety of plants and shrubs. A large boulder placed in a planted island with tropical plants like bromeliads can create drought tolerant accent that looks beautiful and is easy to maintain. A low-spot or depression in your lot is a great place to ad a small rain garden. Rain gardens do not take up much room but look beautiful and help conserve and cleans runoff after storms. The angular corners of buildings are also an opportunity for a landscape project to make a big impact. By adding a gracefully curved bed wrapping around the corner you visually soften the appearance and create the illusion of a larger space. Taller shrubs can be used to hide other Florida-friendly improvements like rain barrels, cisterns or other irrigation equipment.

While Grants Gardens is well known for creating large magnificent and ecologically friendly landscapes in Sarasota, Bradenton and the barrier islands. We also create beautiful landscapes, patio gardens and other small wonders that will improve your property but not over grow your bank account.

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