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Designing for Aesthetics

Complete Landscape Maintenance Services for a Healthy, Well-Maintained Landscape
Florida's miles of coastline and warm weather draw tourists from around the world. Those who live in the Sunshine State have the opportunity to grow magnificent gardens and create wonderful outdoor living spaces. Thoughtfully landscaping your home will increase your quality of life. and long term property value.  

Landscape design encompasses both with the aesthetics and functionality of landscaping. Aesthetics is the study of the appreciation of beauty and how we as humans perceive beauty.
a few considerations to help start crafting Your landscape vision:
  • A strong sense of arrival for your home's front yard can be one of the most impactful enahncements to any landscape. It can bring positive energy to yours and your guest's arrival experience on a daily basis.  
  • There is no such thing as no-maintenance landscaping, however, there are smart and innovative methods to design a landscapes that makes it easy for maintenance crews to move through the landscape and perform weekly or monthly maintenance duties. The more complicated a landscape, the more difficult it is to maintain.
  • Palms are a highly sought after element in the landscape. It is important to consider canopy hardwood trees to integrate with our Palm plantings. Canopy trees moderate heat island effect, effectively deal with carbon sequestration, provide Stormwater BMP in the form of rain for interception and native trees are important to our neighborhoods biodiversity.
common goals to consider in your landscape design:
  • Eliminating unnecessary water use
  • Landscaping with native plants that require less care
  • Protect the environment by:
    • Conserving water supplies
    • Using chemicals properly and only when necessary to keep waterways and drinking water clean
    • Reduce yard waste by recycling yard trimmings into free fertilizer and mulch
    • Build and maintain healthy soil
    • Plant the right plants in the right places
    • Adopt a holistic approach to pest management
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Grant's Gardens is ​a full-service landscaping company that has been creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces in Sarasota, Florida since 2000. We are passionate about crafting environments that our clients love.
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