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Designing for Sustainability

Complete Landscape Services, Including Sustainable Design.
Sustainable landscape design is a process in which negative environmental impact is reduced through skillful and sensitive design approach. Sustainable landscape design is also called “environmental design” or “environmentally-conscious design”. It is based on economic, ecological, and social principles regarding the importance of sustainability.
We believe that landscape design should be simple, soothing, maintenance friendly and resource friendly; conforming to the principles of sustainability. We specialize in sustainable landscape design and our landscape installations continue to be functional, maintainable, environmentally sound, cost-effective and visually pleasing. An important outcome for Grant's Gardens is that our landscapes connect people with their environment.
Most landscapes in the greater Sarasota area that thrive are well managed, have thoughtful plant selection, good soil, good water quality, and appropriate chemical usage - making it easiest to achieve the original design intent.Protection and preservation is another key ingredient to ensuring a sustainable landscape. Preserving large hardwood trees, existing microclimates and soils continues to be a high priority for our design teams.Post construction is a difficult time for a new and establishing landscape. Restoration and rehabilitation are important themes that need to be planned for way in advance.
Sustainable landscapes seek to maximize materials from nearby, sustainably managed renewable sources that can be composted when their usefulness is exhausted.
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