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Our First United Methodist Church trustees are very thankful for Grant’s Gardens' guidance and your expert irrigation team. They have worked diligently to get our old irrigation system working and saving our plantings.

I want to thank Eddie for coordinating and reviving our complicated system with all its clocks and old pipes at our downtown location. With his expertise our landscaping looks so much better now.

Also, many thanks to Freddie for repairing a pipe break that ran under the huge roots of an old oak tree. It was a Herculean effort to dig a hole to first find the break and then reconfigure a pipe system to keep the water flowing. That kept the break from flooding the parking lot. Then on another day he hand dug two other pits, so he could bypass the broken pipe at a distance from the original break. I saw him working head first upside down in the holes on two hot days with his mask on working with this problem. It was hot and hard work.

I am also grateful for the landscaping they did to conceal the pipe connections and for neatly cleaning up the area. It is a very professional job and greatly appreciated.

Lindsey Zink
Trustee for Landscaping.
First United Methodist Church


please pass this on to your owners and the guys that did the work today…. 👏👏👏👏👏 they did a FABULOUS JOB…. they arrived and were very organized… the mulch went down and other guys spread it… they brought the boat .. and did the mangroves !,, very very nice !!! What a great job they did !!! Please let them know how I appreciate good work….

thank you !!,
Shan and Tom Dinapoli

Hi Glenn,

I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the lighting. It looks so nice! It’s not overwhelming, which was exactly what I wanted, but really highlights the plantings.

I think Angel did a great job. I think it’s great that he was able to put the transformer near the pool equipment and the wiring is completely out of sight. I saw him this morning and thanked him but please let him know again how much I appreciated his work.

Tom Daggett

Grant’s Gardens helped us turn an OK landscape into an eye-popping one that gets compliments and is a pleasure to live with. Adam and the grounds crew know which plants to replace/install and how to maintain the lines and bring any irrigation issues to your attention. You may pay more for their services but you receive the quality of their full service approach to your landscape needs.

Laurel G. Phillips, Esq

Hello Dan and Glenn,

Teresa and I wanted to express our appreciation for the great work your team has done in our garden on Bird Key Drive. The original conception is now in full evidence — what artistry! As one of your team said: it is your unique signature. We really like the design, and appreciate how you have captured our strong preference for privacy into an aesthetically pleasing mix of palms, plants and colorful shrubs. We / I also am grateful for the way you could make adjustments on the spur of the moment to improve the original design. As the project is almost complete, we wanted to take a moment and say “thank you”.

We would also like to move forward with a full maintenance program for the lawn and garden. If you could e-mail us a copy so that we can review it, that would be helpful.

Dan McGovern & Teresa Peck-McGovern

Hi Adam,

Just wanted you to know that the “crew” did an excellent job of cleaning up the canal-side garden … it’s never looked so good! This is the reason (among others!), that we changed over to Grants last year! You’re very responsive, which we appreciate! Please pass along our good words to your crew! Hopefully, we can get the front porch gardens looking as good!



What a feat it was to get those HUGE trees planted, without disturbing a blade of grass anywhere else on the property. The removal of the Washingtonians was expertly accomplished as well.

To those who were not here to see the planting in action, I must tell you that a MASSIVE crane was brought onto the property, and had to be assembled itself. It was positioned in front of Building 1 Then flat bed trucks with the four giant Medjools pulled up in the center of the road outside our property. Each tree was brought in, attached to the crane, which then gently lifted this HUGE tree right over the roof of Building 1 and into the airspace over the pool.

Then with expert maneuvering on the part of the crane operators, and with Glenn and his team waiting at each successive hole, each tree was positioned over the hole by the crane, and very carefully lowered in. The tree was released from the crane, after it was
secured in the ground, and then each tree was staked with four long stakes to support it while it establishes its root system. It was quite a sight to see these giant trees appearing over the rooftop of Building 1, and swinging gracefully towards their specific positions.

The whole operation was flawless! Glenn you did an incredible job, and the trees themselves are just beautiful specimens.

Thank you and your team, for such expert and careful operations, and for managing to keep the surrounding parts of our property perfectly intact, in spite of the size and scope of the operation.


Glenn, Wow, what an amazing job yesterday! The precision needed to move these trees through the air was actually breathtaking! Everyone who saw this project was in complete amazement. And it was done without a flaw. Tremendous thank you to you and your staff. And thank you for taking pride and ownership in this by being here all day to make sure it was done without a flaw!

Thank you again Glenn!!!

Cheryl Ann Bolton, LCAM, MBA
Licensed Community Association Manager
en Provence Condominium Association, Inc.
“Proudly Managed by Castle Management, LLC”

“Another job superbly done. From inception to completion, Bobby and i cannot express enough how happy we are with your professionalism and attention to every detail. We addressed this note to all who worked on our project because it is not lost on us that it takes a team to make this happen. We also realize that our little revamp, which was desperately needed, was not the largest job you could’ve been doing but you took the same care with us that you would with anyone much larger. And lastly, the landscaping is beautiful! Thank you all so much!”

Bobby and Ruth Kelly

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