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Know Your Palm Trees: Bismarck Palm, Cuban Royal Palm and Canary Island Date Palm

Uploaded on: January 9, 2013

Nothing says Florida like a yard with large palm trees. But in the Sarasota area especially in waterfront locations like Longboat Key, and Siesta Key you can select from a huge variety of palms for your landscape. However with all that variety of palm tree shapes, sizes and colors also comes a variety of conditions suitable for each. To help make sense of things we will be posting updates on different varieties of palm trees to help you in your plant selections.

We will start things off with a few large, cold tolerant Palm Trees that are both stunning additions to the Sarasota landscape but also hardy in our zone.

The Bismarck Palm Tree

Like many other exotic palm trees the Bismark Palm originates from the Madagascar Islands. Scientific name (Bismarckia nobilis) this tree gets huge! The one pictured here a just a baby, when mature the Bismark Palm will be a stately and dramatic tree towering at heights of up to 60ft with a spread of more than 20ft. Extremely hardy and is also water-friendly and drought tolerant palm tree requiring little irrigation even in dry times once established.

Despite it's exotic appearance with silver / blue waxy palm fronds the Bismark palm tree can grow in a large variety of climates because it is cold-hardy down to 20 degrees fahrenheit. With such large size, environmentally friendly characteristics, striking appearance and easy to maintain, the Bismark Palm is a great large palm tree or centerpiece to build a tropical landscape around.

Cuban Royal Palm Tree - Roystonea regia

A very tropical and exotic looking palm tree the Cuban Royal Palm or just Royal Palm is a beautiful palm tree that is also surprisingly hardy.

The Royal Palm will grow very large to a height ranging from 40 to 60 feet tall, the palm fronds are very full and rich glossy green. A standout feature of the Cuban Royal Palm is the glossy green trunk just below the palm fronds, with a dramatic change to a smooth light grey trunk that continues straight down to a budge at the roots.

Even though this very palm tree is very tropical looking it is actually cold-hardy down to 28 degrees, making it a perfect tree for the Sarasota area tolerating both hot tropical summers and the cold cold snap in winter.

Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Also known as the Pineapple Palm, the Canary Island Date Palm is a stand-out palm tree that can grow to be a landmark for your neighborhood. As the name suggests the Canary Island Date Palm originates from the Canary Islands off the coast of north western Africa in the Atlantic ocean.

A very stately palm tree with very large fronds that grow from what resembles large thorns, the Canary Island Date Palm creates a very dramatic centerpiece for any Florida landscape. Often the older palms are pruned to resemble the appearance of a pineapple, giving the tree it's popular nickname - Pineapple Palm.

Like many palm trees the Canary Island Date Palm is rather slow growing when it is young but grows noticeably faster once the tree begins to develop it's stately trunk.

This dramatic tree is a staple for landscape designers looking to project a feeling of strength and wealth in the overall design, one reason it is so popular with estate homes and high-end resorts.

If you are looking to add a dramatic feature to your property, Grants Gardens can select and install the perfect large palm tree for your home or business.

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