Internet Based Irrigation Controllers

We are now installing internet based irrigation controllers that are tied into the local weather stations through the internet to help monitor irrigation needs on a real time basis.

These smart controllers have the ability to not allow your irrigation system to run the night before a rain event saving water and money in some cases. A traditional rain sensor shuts the system down only after enough rain falls to fill up the cup or cork in the rain sensor. The problem is if your system runs through its whole program and then the rain comes in an hour later you just wasted all that water that you didn't need because the rain sensor didn't know it was getting ready to downpour. The internet based controller does know it is going to rain and will not allow the system to run.

These controllers have apps that can be monitored and controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

Call us for further info to make your irrigation system "smart" and start saving water today!

Sarasota Landscape Designer Grants Gardens Launches New, Innovative Design Gallery

Landscape design and maintenance company Grants gardens has launched a new design gallery with innovative features on their website.

The new landscape gallery provides a novel way for visitors to view past projects based on clickable tags. The gallery showcases the company's work in a way that will be more relevant for visitors with specific interests.

Visitors interested in a specific location, or design aspect such as "water feature" can simply click the tag to view the related projects. The gallery includes high-quality photos and job descriptions from various landscape design and maintenance jobs around the Sarasota area including the barrier islands.

Grant Beatt founder had this to say about the new gallery, We are pleased to offer website visitors our new landscape design gallery. We wanted to create a new gallery that will allow for more detailed information for each project, yet also be easy for visitors to find what they need by simply clicking a tag. Our entire team participated in the development of the new gallery by providing photos and job history for each design featured. We will also be continuing to add new features to the gallery on a regular basis to help educate the visitor about landscaping, Florida-friendly plant species and efficient use of irrigation.

View the new landscape design gallery

About Grant's Gardens

Grant's Gardens, Inc. is a fine landscape gardening company, established in 2000 and serves the greater Sarasota / Bradenton Florida area. Through a passion for landscape design coupled with a keen interest in horticulture and arboricultural, our team has been able to develop a landscape company with a reputation for excellence. We work closely with our clients and collaborate effectively with the design team to ensure successful landscape projects. The maintenance of the property is paramount. Through effective communication and guidance our landscape maintenance crews will ensure the that the landscape design flourishes to its full potential.

Grants Gardens Landscape Maintenance Protects Against The Rugose Spiraling Whitefly.

If you have never heard of the Rugose Whitefly then count yourself lucky. This pesky insect is causing problems for many tropical plants in Florida landscapes including gumbo limbo trees, banana trees, black olive trees, mango trees and palm trees. This Whitefly is also a problem for shrubs including copperleaf, cocoplum, wax myrtle, and other plants.

You can spot this pest as the leaves of infested plants will be covered with a whitish waxy substance. The larva of Rugose Spiraling Whitefly arise from eggs attached to the plants leaves in an unsightly spiral pattern. To make matters worse the bugs excrete a sticky goo called “Honey dew” similar to aphids, this intern usually brings black mold which will feed on the honey dew.

The troublesome insects usually congregate on the underside of the leaves making spraying with traditional insecticides much less effective. If a homeower spots Whitflys on their Palms or shrubs they can be blasted off the affected plans with high-pressure water, however once established the Rugose Whitefly is difficult to get rid of.

Fear not though, the Landscape maintenance teams at Grants Gardens are experts on controlling these pests. Our landscape maintenance teams can treat the plants and keep the WhiteFlys from coming back.

If you have noticed Whiteflys setting up shop in your palms or shrubs, contact Grants Gardens and our landscape professionals will keep your plants healthy and pest free.

A New service offered to our Maintenance Customers - Irrigation Seasonal Tune Up

This service will take place twice yearly to coincide with daylight savings to ensure the Timer/Controller is working efficiently before and after the harsh summer.

This service is in addition to the maintenance included in your landscape contract where sprinkler heads/rotators are checked.

Our Irrigation Tuneup Includes:

By regularly maintaining your controller it can ensure efficient coverage, keeping water costs to their minimum and helping to eliminate expensive repairs if the system fails.

Our fees are $15 per zone (that’s $75 for an sized average household) per visit

We also offer a service for Ponds and Fountains.

If this is of interest to you please contact us direct at 941-343-9396.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Call us today at 941-343-9396